The novel “In the Garden of Beasts” tackles a much written about topic and turns it on its head with a brand new angle.  Told from the vantage point of the Ambassador to Germany from the United States and his family during the late 1930’s, this book shows the subtle, sinister way in which Hitler and his henchmen inveigle their way into the hearts of their countrymen as well as how Hitler duped the world, pretending that he was not as ambitious and ruthless as he turned out to be.

Words fail me in trying to describe how brilliant “In the Garden of Beasts” is in conveying the scope and horror of the Third Reich in ruthlessly destroying everyone who opposed them in addition to the innocents killed in the Furor’s fury.

The subject is deftly handled by Erik Larson, author of “Devil in the White City.”  Score another triumph for the author, and I look forward to many other novels of creative nonfiction from Larson.