My two dogs are very much a part of my life, so much so that even if I were to start dating again (which seems somewhat dubious given my schedule), the man I date would have to make room for my Akita and Beagle on the bed.  The Beagle is quite particular and insists upon sleeping under the covers at the foot of the bed.  My Akita is a bit more understanding and will generally start out on the bed but move to the floor after an hour or so.

Our deal with God is that we get permission to love our animals with all our hearts, knowing all the time, however, that they will only live just so long, about as long as an adolescent.  What a raw deal!  I love both my dogs, but I have to confess that my Akita is, to me, a once in a lifetime kind of dog.  Perhaps it’s also your experience that you’ve had an animal who is, strangely enough, a role model to you.  A dog or cat which makes you want to be a better person, to scale the walls and use our precious little time on earth to make sure that what we do has meaning.  Sometimes an animal comes along who is irreplaceable.  I truly believe that no other dog will come along to make me forget my Akita.  I just know that we have a special bond that I doubt I will ever feel again.  The heart mourns, the heart goes on, but I believe I will never feel as close to anyone or anything else like I do Kierka.  She teaches me to face everyday fearlessly, and look for the many small joys in life as well as celebrating the big events too. 

Her greatest trait is that she has kind eyes, very soulful, almost as though you could see her spirit.  When my sister lost her dog a ways back, she was talking with her priest who told her that only humans have souls, but in his opinion, dogs have spirits which linger after they are gone.  I’ve heard a quote somewhere a while back that said, “You are only dead when no one remembers you anymore.”  I hope my animals will always be remembered the way the rest of my family will hopefully also be remembered.