I recently reread one of my all-time favorite books, A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving.  At one point I even read the entire book out loud to someone I was dating, a chapter a night for all 543 pages. 

In the book the diminutive main character, Owen, feels he as a special calling, that he is destined for greatness.  His best friend even comments, “How could I have known that Owen was a hero?”  I believe that we can all be the main character, and the hero, of our own story, just as Owen believes he has a special purpose.  Would that all of us shared that belief that we matter, that our actions are not in vain.  Prophets, in my mind, are individuals who embrace their destiny, and actively seek connections to the greater world.

E M Forster said it best with his mantra, “Only connect.”  Our world has gotten away from organized religion, and now, people who connect through good works as well as faith often pursue a spiritual path not designated by any particular religion. 

The main thing to remember is that judgment kills, and is the source of much misunderstanding and prejudice.  I like to think that good people think, how are we alike?, not how are we different?  What tracks will you leave behind after you’re gone?